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How to change tooltip associated with <select> element
11th February, 20:01
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How to change tooltip associated with <select> element

I am upgrading some legacy code to use the latest version of qTip2.

I have replaced calls to the AJAX plugin with jQuery deferred objects and everything seems to work as expected.

However, one of the tooltips refers to a <select> element and needs to change whenever a new option is selected.

The original code solved this problem as follows:

JS Code
// update tooltip content with new ID when select value changes,
// otherwise you get stuck with the initial value
            select.qtip("api").set('', {id: $(this).val()} );

However, this depends on being able to access the data property of the AJAX plugin.

Using a JavaScript debugger, I discovered that I could set the option via the API interface, but I still got the original tooltip.

How can I make this work using JQuery Deferred Objects?


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13th February, 10:15
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RE: How to change tooltip associated with <select> element
I've found a solution to my problem - the trick is to delay accessing the <select> value until the tooltip is required. This means that there is no need to update the id field after the tooltip has been created - each time the tooltip is requested, the current value of the <select> option is passed to the Ajax call.

The code looks like this - it basically follows the "Grab content continuously" pattern described in the Content guide:

JS Code
       content: {
            text: function(event, api) {
                // Re-fetch the tooltip content each time
                return $.ajax({
                    url: tooltip,
                    data: {
                        id: select.val()     // use the current select option
                .then(function(content) {
                    return content
                }, function(xhr, status, error) {
                    api.set('content.text', status + ': ' + error);

I hope this is helpful to someone else with the same problem - it is actually easier to solve this problem using the new API than it was using the old API!

Best wishes

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