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'style is undefined' error
10th July, 18:04
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'style is undefined' error
I'm trying to integrate qTip into a rails application.

However, when I load the qTip script, I get a 'style is undefined' error with reference to the sanitzeStyle() method:

JS Code
// Sanitize styles
   function sanitizeStyle(style)
      if(typeof style.tip !== 'object') style.tip = { corner: style.tip }; 
      // 'style is undefined'!
      if(typeof style.tip.size !== 'object') style.tip.size = { width: style.tip.size, height: style.tip.size };
      if(typeof style.border !== 'object') style.border = { width: style.border };
      if(typeof style.width !== 'object') style.width = { value: style.width };
      if(typeof style.width.max == 'string') style.width.max = parseInt(style.width.max.replace(/([0-9]+)/i, "$1"));
      if(typeof style.width.min == 'string') style.width.min = parseInt(style.width.min.replace(/([0-9]+)/i, "$1"));
      // Convert deprecated x and y tip values to width/height
      if(typeof style.tip.size.x == 'number')
         style.tip.size.width = style.tip.size.x;
         delete style.tip.size.x;
      if(typeof style.tip.size.y == 'number')
         style.tip.size.height = style.tip.size.y;
         delete style.tip.size.y;
      return style;

Which strikes me as a very strange error, as style is certainly defined -- it's the only parameter!

This is even more bewildering as I'm sure I've had qTip working well before in a similar app.

Thanks in advance, if anything jumps out at you...
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10th July, 18:06
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'style is undefined' error
OK, well, turns out it's actually working -- drawing the tips, etc.

The error message is still a bit worrisome, however.
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11th July, 13:47
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'style is undefined' error
Joe W,

Could you provide the rest of your code so I can see where this error might be occurring please? Looks like its something to do with the buildStyle code.
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